Replenishing the planet

For every kilo of coffee roasted, we plant a tree - reducing poverty and reforesting lands in Timor-Leste. 

Small-holder farmer initiative 

Draws down carbon

Economic benefit to developing nation

Why trees matter

The world has lost one third of its forests. Globally, we deforest around ten million hectares every year; escalating climate change, biodiversity loss and community displacement. Trees contribute to our planet in a multitude of ways; cleaning our air and water, creating habitats for wildlife, drawing down carbon, contributing to our wellbeing and creating jobs for social impact. We believe it’s our responsibility to tread lightly and give back to the planet that nourishes us, which is why we proudly sell coffee that plants trees.

One kilo = one tree

For every kilo of coffee roasted, we plant a tree in Timor-Leste through gold-standard community forestry initiative, WithOneSeed. Through WithOneSeed, Timorese tress farmers are paid an annual incentive to not only plant, but nurture trees, resulting in a high 75% survival rate. This lovely circular model allows Timor coffee farmers on one side of the country support tree farmers on the other.

A win for the planet

The IPCC suggests that reforestation and forest conservation alone could account for up to 30% of the solution to keeping to the Paris Climate Agreement of keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees. Aside from the invisible benefit of reducing carbon in the atmosphere, our tree farmers have noticed their lands have become visibly greener and dry springs have returned.

Reducing poverty

Across the world, forest loss is linked to growing poverty rates. With forests in Timor-Leste having declined every year since 1975, this has (and will continue to have) alarming repercussions for its population. We partner with WithOneSeed to turn trees into income, setting up tree nurseries in remote villages and paying farmers a fee to plant each seedling, then an annual 50c per tree to maintain these seedlings on their land. More here. 

Educational outcomes

Education is a huge part of climate action, but it’s also a massive privilege. The WithOneSeed program teaches Timorese communities about climate change implications and the importance of trees to maintain life and maintaining biodiversity. With this knowledge, tree farmers are empowered to earn an income and contribute towards building a better world for the next generation.

Tracking trees

WithOneSeed employs TreeO2 technology to track and monitor every single tree planted. This tree-tracking technology helps manage and monitor carbon farming to ensure the highest possible international standards. Each tree is tagged, with data being updated over time to track a tree’s height, diameter and general survival. The platform also allows us to learn more about the farmers and forests our trees are planted.