Drink coffee.
Eat pickles.
Save the planet.

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We’re a Melbourne based social enterprise on a mission to preserve the future. Our vehicle of choice? Ethical coffee from Timor-Leste and preserves made from produce destined to go to waste. 

We make tasty goodies that help our planet and support its people. 

Through coffee and preserves, we’re fighting to reduce waste, end hunger and replenish the planet. We want to overhaul outdated, wasteful food systems and provide an equitable future for farming communities and women across Asia and Australia. Why?

Because business as usual isn’t working.

Globally, we waste roughly 1.3 billion tonnes of food annually, yet food insecurity is at an all time high. 

While most Australians love their morning latte, coffee farmers are some of the lowest paid farmers in the world.

By emitting roughly 36 billion tonnes of CO2 annually,  Planet Earth is on a path to climate catastrophe.

And we’re not okay with any of that.

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