Reviews and feedback

Reviews and Feedback

“Here’s the thing: Even with problems of this magnitude, each of us can still find a way to make change. That’s why I’m proud of young people like Alice Mahar, a environmental activist in Melbourne.”

Barack Obama


“Corner Store Coffee is more than great coffee. It's a cup of warmth that builds cohesion and uplifts community. It's about voting for a better future with your dollar. The Corner Store Network sets the gold standard for social enterprise and is a model that will be used by future generations.”

- Niel Vaughan.


Corner Store Coffee is a fantastic product and very popular with our members, supporters and residents throughout the City of Port Phillip. People love knowing that while drinking great coffee they are also supporting coffee growers and tree-planting initiatives in Timor-Leste.

-Carlene Harlock Friends of Suai / Covalima


I discovered The Corner Store Network while out walking in 2019. The coffee sign drew me in and I wasn’t disappointed as it’s amazing coffee! I then learnt about the volunteers who preserve donated whole foods from locals. I joined the group and was warmly welcomed by Kathy and the team with open arms. It’s hands on, you learn a great deal about preserving while connecting with some wonderful people.  I’d recommend it to anyone! 

“As an office that runs on musical passion and coffee, the Mannys Music & Store DJ team love our Corner Store Coffee cuppa and appreciate the progressive ideas and love of coffee behind our monthly beans. It’s really nice not just getting a basic “office-coffee” buzz when you can have delicious beans with a dose of global kindness delivered hassle-free.”

-Mannys Music and Store DJ


We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from delegates at the 2019 Festival of Landscape Architecture who commented on how amazing the coffees were, and how efficient, polite and professional the staff were. Jake and Alice led their team beautifully and they were an absolute delight to work with; their staff went truly above and beyond what was required. I enjoyed working with all of The Corner Store Network team, from the first day we spoke on the phone to the end of the festival they made everything so easy to deal with and so smooth.

-Australian Institute of Landscape Architects


As a volunteer of The Corner Store Network I find it very satisfying to be part of a community sharing ideas and learning new skills while making beautiful preserves from produce that would otherwise have gone to waste. 

“We love coffee. It’s part of our morning ritual. Knowing that The Corner Store Network helps East Timor rural communities feels great. Buying Corner Store Coffee seems such a simple way for us to contribute while enjoying really good coffee.When a product is this good, it is very easy to support such a worthwhile cause. Best coffee beans in Melbourne!”


The Corner Store Network have been the providers of environmentally friendly, ethically sourced coffee at our human powered cinema events since 2015. The vision of the team at The Corner Store Network is a wonderful match for our carbon neutral, family friendly awareness raising event. The coffee van provided a good initial link to the pedal powered movie, but the fact that they were one of the first roasters to be 100% carbon neutral and the genuine commitment to a sustainable and ethical industry at every step of the supply chain, is such a wonderful message to promote to our community.

- Melbourne Girls’ College


I enjoy volunteering at The Corner Store Network, meeting friendly people, acquiring new skills, such as bottling, preserving, pickling, fermenting, etc. The volunteer roster is flexible and as volunteers we all enjoy our break with a free coffee or tea,Overall, I feel that I am contributing in a small way to Timor-Leste.

“Over a period of five years as a customer of The Corner Store Network, I have found the roasted coffee to be of invariably high quality. I’ve now become a sort of “local distributor” by taking coffee orders from friends and acquaintances in my community. A box full of great coffee usually arrives on my doorstep within 36 hours of me placing the online order. Great coffee and great service.”

- John Clarke.


The Corner Store Network has been a regular stallholder with Melbourne Farmers Markets at CarltonFM and GasworksFM, as well as being one of the first businesses to join us at Melbourne Farmers Marketplace, our online platform with Open Food Network. Alice and the The Corner Store Network team go to great effort to avoid landfill waste, and that’s a value that we share. They've helped us to reduce waste on-site at our markets by ditching single-use takeaway cups and enthusiastically supporting the MFM Wash Against Waste stations. And they make great coffee!

-Melbourne Farmers Market


This is a truly wonderful program to be involved in from so many angles. Obviously rescuing produce that would otherwise go to waste is such a worthwhile pursuit. But I've also truly valued the satisfying hours of comradery spent with a bunch of fabulous like-minded, caring people bringing their diverse knowledge and experience to the task. Kathy and Alice always have things so well organised that volunteers leave each session with a strong sense of having contributed something of value.

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