Our Flagship Dili Hub is Coming!

Our Flagship Dili Hub is Coming!

We’re excited to announce that in Timor-Leste, construction of our flagship Dili hub is well underway!

Once complete, this facility will act as the country's first coffee roastery, food preservery, cafe and live-in training centre. Timorese women from all over the country will be able to live on site while they learn skills around food preservation and coffee roasting. Once training is complete, they will be able to take their newfound expertise back to their communities and use it to make an income through food security micro-loans.

The end goal is to not only provide women across the country with meaningful employment, but to ensure their communities have access to nutritional food year round - something many currently struggle with.

This hub has been a long time coming and we're thrilled to watch it come to life through our dynamic leaders, Dina, Enny, Nella and Gotys.

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