Event: Olives to Oil 2023

Event: Olives to Oil 2023

Get your harvesting tools ready because our popular Olives to Oil program is back! On Sunday 21st May, bring your freshly picked olives to our roastery and we’ll send them off to Barfold Olives to be pressed into delicious oil for you to enjoy at home.

How it works

  1. Pick: It’s all hands on deck as you gather with friends, family and neighbours to harvest olives from trees in your yard, street or broader neighbourhood (after asking for permission when necessary, more on that below). Ideally you want the olives to be turning black, but a mix of green, purple and black is fine!

  2. Drop off: Book a time slot to drop off your olives to our roastery on Sunday 21st May. Please note, bookings are essential!

  3. Weigh: Arrive at your designated time and out friendly volunteers will weigh your bags, buckets or boxes of olives to determine how much oil you will receive.

  4. Press: Our friends at Barfold Olives will take the entire haul back to Kyneton and press them into a community oil for us to share.

  5. Collect: We’ll notify you once the oil is ready for collection from our roastery. Remember to BYO bottle for us to fill up!


Participation cost $15 which covers the transport and pressing of up to 50kg of olives, or $20 if you drop off over 50kg. As a rough guide, every 10kg of fruit makes about 1L. Please note, we will keep 10% of all oil to sell in our store to cover the cost of running the program.

Picking olives

While there are an abundance of suburban olive trees around Melbourne, many street trees are cared for by locals so it’s a good idea to ask before picking. You can drop this card into local letterboxes to ask neighbours about trees in their yards or on nature strips.

Please note, olives must be picked no earlier than Friday 19 May or the oil may spoil. If your tree can’t hold out, don’t fret - we’ve put together a little guide of what else you can do with your olives here.

Thanks to our event partners CERES, 3000 Acres and City of Monash for making this great initiative possible!


When: Sunday 21 May 2023 (12pm-3pm)

Where: Corner Store Network, 30 Hamilton St, Oakleigh 3166

Cost: $15. Tickets here.

Collection: From 17 June 2023

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