Event: Olives to Oil 2022

Event: Olives to Oil 2022

Olives to Oil is back this June!

After collecting a whopping 6.6 tonne last year (that’s one male elephant!) we’re excited to be part of the Olives to Oil program again in 2022. On the 18th and 19th of June, drop off your locally harvested olives to our roastery and they’ll be pressed into delicious oil by our friends at Barfolds Olives in Kyneton. 

Please note, olives must be picked no earlier than Thursday 16 June or the oil may spoil. If your tree can’t hold out, don’t fret - we’ve put together a little guide of what else you can do with your olives here.

Tickets cost $10 which covers the pressing of up to 50kg of olives. If you harvest over 50kg there will be a 50c surcharge per kilo. Once dropped off, your olives will be combined with the rest of the community’s and sent off to Barfolds!

After being pressed and bottled, you’ll receive 90% of your oil and we’ll take 10% to sell to cover the cost of running the program. As a rough guide, every 10kg of fruit makes about 1L. Your deliciously fresh oil will be ready for collection at our roastery from 1st July.

Thanks to our event partners CERES and 3000 Acres for making this great initiative possible!


When: Saturday 18 (8am-2pm) + Sunday 19 June (9am-12pm) 2022

Where: Corner Store Network, 42 Regent St, Oakleigh 3166

Cost: $10. Tickets here.

Collection: From 1 July 2022

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