Coffee for your workplace

Interested in keeping your workplace caffeinated with Corner Store Coffee? Contact us to find out how.


Let us help you keep your team caffeinated and happy

We would love to cater to your workplace’s needs by delivering fresh, award winning coffee, that creates change, direct to your doorstep.
We believe that as well as delivering a daily caffeine hit to your staff, this caffeine hit should also give back to the people who farm it whilst also supporting our environment.
We believe in treading as lightly on the planet as possible so naturally we’ll aim to help you do the same, whatever size your business!
We want to work with you to supply a delicious coffee from our range of single origins that your staff love and suits your workplace needs. We will set you up a wholesale account with special rates and take all the hassle out of sourcing coffee for your office.
Together we can create change.

Training and Equipment

We would love to work with you to assess the equipment and training needs for your team. We have a number of partners where we can source equipment no matter the size of your workplace. To get you underway, we will provide hands-on training to make sure your staff feel comfortable and ready to create their first latte-art heart!

Home Compostable Packaging

Our environmental impact is of the utmost importance to us and as such our coffee packaging is completely home compostable. We also have a range of returnable and reusable bulk containers and would love to work with you to discover the best and most sustainable solution for your workplace.

Every KG plants a tree

We love our planet, so every bag of coffee sold supports tree planting in Timor-Leste through WithOneSeed  – an initiative taking real action on climate change while supporting subsistence communities.

Your Environmental Impact

We understand that lots of workplaces value their environmental impact very highly and we hope that this is a source of pride for your staff. We are very excited to share with you our new technology for tracking your workplace’s impact. We have developed a portal that will allow your staff to follow, in real-time, the trees your company has planted through coffee sales. This Includes statistics about the age, species and location of your trees, the amount of carbon offset as a result of the trees as well as an introduction to the farmer who cares for your trees. So much impact just from enjoying your daily cup of Joe!

Closing the loop on your Coffee Grounds

So much used coffee grounds ends up in landfill, greatly contributing to green house gases, however there are so many more uses for them. They are packed full of nutrients that are great for the garden. As such we would love to work with you to develop a solution that works for your business.

Interested in working together to create positive change?

Please get in contact with us to discuss sourcing for your workplace today.
You can either email us at or contact Jake on 0402 274 983.
We look forward to hearing from you!
It is the simplest actions by many people that create the biggest impact.